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Passion for Possibility

"Passion for Possibility" by Jose Feliciano

Passion for PossibilityPassion For PossibilityMoving beyond believing…INTO KNOWING

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Passion for Possibility invites you to look at the world through the eyes of a successful businessman, Jose Feliciano.  Jose learned the art of communication from two deaf mute parents and has gone on to prove that the American dream is alive, well and flourishing. Passion for Possibility is a brief insight into a mind that consistently asks the question: “What next?”, “And then?”” or says  “Let’s do it now”.

At the release of his sophomore project, Passion for Possibility, Jose’s is already moving forward and reshaping the World of Tomorrow…today!   He co-founded the “2HourHouse” company based on the  “2HourHouse” process, where a group of volunteers demonstrated that impossible can become IS-possible (

This past year Feliciano Financial Group reached a milestone in the financial field when they were awarded Crystal Eagle of the year with Woodbury Financial Service, placing them number one in the country.  Following his Passion for Possibility, the Feliciano Financial group continues to expand and educate itself.  In his words: “Part of our process to ensure the best for our clients is to never be complacent, we are continually searching for ways to improve our company and client service…Life is about paying it forward”.


When we look at what's possible, with passion, we begin the shift from believing to knowing. Jose takes us on a journey that teaches us how.
~ LuAn Mitchell:
International Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker

"Jose teaches that without passion for possibility - dreams and magnificence could not exist."
~ Greg S. Reid:
Author - Speaker - Filmmaker

This is another gem from Jose. His ability to inspire is part of the reason I am now tackling my 4th Olympics!
~ Ruben Gonzales:
Olympian, Author of
The Courage to Succeed