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Passion for Possibility

Welcome to Jose Feliciano Books

People sometimes say the measure of your success in life can be traced to your parents, in one form or another. For some, the challenge of difficult or missing parents inspires them to drive harder. In my case, two unique parents are the foundation for my communication skills and my desire to include everyone and see them become the best version of themselves. A wise man taught me to “just be.” Despite difficult circumstances, my father found the courage to be the best version of himself, and my mother gave me dignity, truth, and love. Both deaf mutes, they have always been far from silent! I take them with me everywhere I go, beginning and ending my public speeches in their language: “The place of my biggest challenge is always the source of my greatest strength.”

Success unshared doesn’t do much. Paying it forward and sharing the steps along the way is as important as “getting there.” I have stood on the shoulders of giants to get where I am today, and hope my books will serve as steppingstones for those who don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

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