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Passion for Possibility

"2Hour House " by Jose Feliciano

2Hour House

2Hour House
“The 2 Hour House story is an amazing example of what
can be done when a committed team of people pays no

attention to what they have been told is impossible.”
Jack Canfield, Best-selling author
Chicken Soup for the Soul”

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Proving that nothing is impossible if you believe it can happen, the 2HourHouse chronicles an East Texas builder’s quest to overcome the odds, and accomplish what was perceived to be the impossible task of building a 2249 square foot house, from the ground up, in less than 3 hours.  Either he would prove the doubters wrong and go down in history, or watch his dream go up in flames.
This inspirational book chronicles the journey of 579 skilled workers and volunteers who came together on a Saturday morning in October to set a world record, helped six charities, and change the way we all look at life and business as usual. The 2 Hour House phenomena is sweeping the nation, reigniting what has always been America's greatest strength: a belief that anything is possible, and innovation makes everything possible. The results: sensational change, one "impossible" at a time.
"The greatest outcome wasn't building a house in record time; it was creating a new way of thinking about building EVERYTHING!”   
-The 2 Hour House

The 2 Hour House encourages readers to break limiting rules, in both their business and personal life, in order to break records. With innovation, creative thinking, and break-thru strategies for managing life’s possibilities, there is no limit to an individual’s success.  

"Watching the 2 Hour House and reading your book about how you broke a world record inspired me to want to break a world record as well. I want to show people that you’re never too old to pursue your dreams. In 2010, at the age of 47, I will be the first person ever to compete in four Winter Olympics each in a different decade. Thanks for your inspiration!"
Ruben Gonzalez, Three-time Olympian
-- Author of "The Courage to Succeed"


When we look at what's possible, with passion, we begin the shift from believing to knowing. Jose takes us on a journey that teaches us how.
~ LuAn Mitchell:
International Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker

"Jose teaches that without passion for possibility - dreams and magnificence could not exist."
~ Greg S. Reid:
Author - Speaker - Filmmaker

This is another gem from Jose. His ability to inspire is part of the reason I am now tackling my 4th Olympics!
~ Ruben Gonzales:
Olympian, Author of
The Courage to Succeed